What is Punisher Camp

What is Punisher Waterfowl Camp?


After the 2k17 camp I was inundated with questions about what this Punisher Camp was? Who was I hunting with, what was it all about. Social media being what it is everyone knew who was there and could see pictures in almost real time. To be honest I didn't know at the time, I couldn't explain it, it was all new to me. I thought a lot about it, and typically my answer was it was just a group hunt with likeminded individuals. This year as I embarked on my 6 hour drive to Brockville Ontario for 2k18 camp I made it a point to try to figure out what Punisher Waterfowl Camp is.


As I leave camp I think back to the questions I was asked:

Is it a group of friends getting together to hunt?

Well, no.. In Fact I didn't know 75% of the people I hunted with in 2k17, and the ones I did know I had never met in person, and didn't know half the people at the camp in 2k18. I can however guarantee I left with more brothers in the hunting industry than I started with.


Then is it a group of pro hunters, or Punisher Field staff?

Well, no.. In Fact on the first hunt day Saturday morning there were people who had never brushed in a layout blind. I for one had never hunted out of a big open water boat and was able to experience that through this camp, while there are a lot of experienced waterfowlers at this camp there were also some who started hunting within the past year. As for Punisher Field staff I think the brand speaks for itself and doesn't require any.


So is it a weekend of teaching then?

Well, no.. I mean we get to experience different things, but it could very well have gone that I hunted out of layout blinds all weekend, or out of a man-made duck blind. There were definitely tips or tricks being given, or new ideas that people had, but that's what happens when people travel from all around Ontario and the US to join.


So what is Punisher Waterfowl Camp then?

Simply, its a group of like minded individuals who all relate with the Punisher Waterfowl Brand. Our ideals as outdoorsman, our drives and passions all seem to line up. We are all there to teach and learn, we are all there to have a good time. A group whose only connection was through the mastermind of a brand that gets what us regular hard working individuals wake up early for. While we may not have known each other prior to camp I left knowing what is meant by the Punisher Brotherhood.