Punisher Camp 2K17


On the weekend of Nov 3/4/5 2017, a weekend where most people were looking forward to a UFC event in which 3 title matches would occur, where GSP returned, and in the same weekend that Daylight Saving Time occurred I had the privilege of meeting up with some of Ontarios finest. This was the 2K17 Fowl Weekend put on by Punisher Waterfowl, hosted by Steel Shot Guide Service and attended by some amazing people.

Friday started with the normal weekday grind, waking up, getting the kids fed and off to school and wishing the wife a great day, the only difference was I was about to take a drive from my hometown Kincardine to the far away Brockville. After the 6 hour trek I was treated to the friendly smiling Damien Pittman who ensured our thirst was quenched after the long drive. Jokes were made, stories were told and good times were had. After everyone had arrived Peter Heathfield showed up to give us a rundown of what to expect for Saturday morning. We broke down into our groups and plans were made. I was fortunate enough to have my long time friend Sheldon be my teams guide. 

Saturday morning everyone was dressed and ready for the trucks to roll. After a quick stop at everyone's favourite coffee shop Sheldon took us to a corn field where we were setup and ready to smash. As expected in the hunting game we watched a huge flock of ducks 10 minutes before shooting light fly in, laugh-quack at us and fly away. We hoped this was a sign of things to come and we weren't disappointed. Other than having my shotgun not fire all morning and having to use Sheldons shotgun things went really well. As a group we were able to get into ducks and geese and Louis's dog Timber did a great job of keeping the field clear of downed birds. Timbers growl was a sight to behold as he expertly manoeuvred the decoys in the field. We saw Mallards, a blackie and Peter Heathfield was over the moon Sheldon got us a Pintail.

Things were called around 11am when we went back to the hotel for a lunch put on by Kevin Hutt from Fort Town Franks that hit the spot. After lunch groups split up and some went to clean birds. For me it was time to scout with Sheldon where more laughs and stories were told and the shooting from the morning became legendary. Driving to see the fields was a dream with one field looking to have a thousand birds on it and the other 800, Sunday was going to be good.

Saturday night was your typical night where 30 friends who hunt told stories together, however everyone knew that bragging rights were on the line for the next day. The hardest part of the night was trying to find a place in Brockville to show the UFC fight where three titles changed hands. And I have to mention Kevin Hutt came back to cook us up some of the most perfectly cooked burgers ever!

Sunday was an early morning, made seemingly earlier because of the Daylight Savings. Everyone was ready. The team I was on had a new leader in the legendary Lance Honker Holmes. We setup at the edge of a field and got ready for what would be a time. 

This morning saw flock after flock have their flights cancelled. The irresistible calling by Lance and Jason Cyr brought our group of 10 to the limit for the morning. With 50 down we packed up and headed back to the hotel where Chef Peter cooked up some of the geese from Saturday to fill our bellies before the long rides home. 

The weekend was amazing, new friends were made, old friends were met, and hopefully a new annual gathering of the 0430 Punisher Brotherhood has began. After packing up and shaking hands it was time to leave, with the memories of a good time to last forever. I look forward to the next camp, and am already planning hunts with the new friends made. A huge thanks to Damien for putting on the greatest event of 2017.

Until Next time...